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Weathervane/Finial Info


All weathervanes and finials come with assembly instructions. These copper weathervanes require minimal assembly, and always add a nice finishing touch to your cupola. The real copper will age and weather with environmental exposure, eventually reaching a beautiful antique patina. If you want to speed up the aging process, we have a special copper aging recipe listed at the bottom of the page. 



Assembling a Standard Size Weathervane:

Using Retaining Clips:

FAQ: The Copper Finish:

FAQ: How to Read a Weathervane:

Adapting a Garden Weathervane to a Cupola:


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This special recipe will add a lovely patina finish to your new polished copper cupola roof or weathervane (think Statue of Liberty!)

In a 1-quart spray bottle, mix the following ingredients:

½ quart water

½ quart white vinegar

4 tablespoons salt

Lightly mist the mixture onto the entire roof or weathervane surface so as not to allow running.  Let AIR dry.  Do not use a fan or let dry in windy conditions.  Repeat application until desired patina effect is reached.

This “secret” organic solution will give you an easy way to gracefully age any polished copper surface!  You can do in minutes what takes nature years to accomplish!