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Customer Photos

Here are some great examples of our cupolas and weathervanes installed on our happy customers’ homes and buildings. We love when our customers send us photos of their completed projects, and we try to update our photos of cupolas and weathervanes as they are provided to us. Thank you for sending them, as these customer photos are a big help to our new customers in choosing the perfect cupola and weathervane for their project!

Morel hexagon cupola























36" Arched Ellsworth Cupolas on Garage Expansion in Wisconsin


21" Pine Gazebo Cupola with Copper Roof on a 14' gazebo in GA.


 BEFORE:  Rotten wood cupola on 3 bay carriage house garage

AFTER: 36" Arched Carlisle Cupola with base extension to fit steep roof pitch in GA.


24" Alexander Cupola with Eagle Weathervane in NC. Roof was aged and cupola painted by customer prior to installation.



36” Naples on 25’ two story renovated barn structure in Skillman, NJ, along with 48" Naples with base extension on guest house.                  

    several cupolas and weathervanes on a red barn with snow on the roof


36" Hamlin


From our customer in The Plains, VA:  "Before" and "After" shots of her 120' barn with a 72" Danbury cupola in the center and two matching 42" Oxford cupolas on the outside. The center cupola was topped off with our #580P Horse weathervane.  

Barn After 

 VanGogh cupola in PA

Monterey cupola         Chesapeake cupola 

 Madison cupola

 gazebo cupola

Here are a couple of pairs of "Before" and "After" shots from a local contractor in New Providence, PA.  He used the 36" Besra cupola on both the new house construction and the 3-car garage behind the house.  

Besra Cupola      Besra cupola

Besra cupola      Besra cupola

Villa octagon cupola

Cupolas aren’t just for your roof – here is a 48”                                                 

Hamlin cupola being used as part of an entrance

gate at a residential community neighborhood

in the Minneapolis, MN area:                                                                   Another example of a custom cupola design for one of our customers:

48" Hamlin cupola                       Custom Cupola


Here are some shots from a renovation project at a distillery in Hopewell, NJ.  They replaced an old wooden cupola with a reproduction vinyl cupola that will require no maintenance in the years to come.  The final project is a beautiful success!

Before shot   Custom cupola

custom cupola    custom cupola


Boat dock cupola


26" Monterey cupola

 Dunlin window cupola


Milford cupola with horse weathervane


Shed cupola in NY   


 window cupola


Boat dock cupola


Juel cupola      26" Sedona cupola


It was too hard to decide which photograph to use from this customer, so we're sharing them both!  This is a brand new barn constructed in Elkton, VA, using a large 42" Dayton cupola in the center and two smaller 30" Franklin cupolas on the sides.  These vinyl/metal combination cupolas are designed specifically for use on metal roofs.  The barn measures 50' x 70' with a 12' lean-to on the side.  It has a very steep roof pitch, so the base extension was needed.  The center cupola is topped off with the estate size eagle weathervane #956P.   

Barn cupolas

Dayton cupola Franklin cupola